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Jif snacks a big hit with kids and parents alike

Send 'em back with a healthy snack!
Send 'em back with a healthy snack!
Chris Tice

Setting up snacks for the upcoming school year is always a hassle, combine that with a snack that is actually healthy and the kids will eat, practically impossible. Pretzels are always a good healthy option for the traveling child but the dry taste makes them hard to swallow and packing a dip is messy, who knows if you’ll ever see your small Tupperware again! Small packets of their favorite condiment help but are hard for little hands to open, and you don’t want to create more problems for the teachers so what options do you have? Leave it to America’s favorite peanut butter to come up with the answer, in a Jif!

Introducing Jif to go Dippers. Convenient packages of pretzels and smooth Jif peanut butter separated and ready-to-eat. The packages are easy to open for little fingers and there is plenty of creamy peanut butter for the pretzels plus whatever else the kids may want to dip. At single retail price under a buck fifty, the combo is a reasonable addition to any lunch box, and since they’re already available at your favorite grocer make sure to grab a few for quick summer snacktime and they’ll be sure to be a hit for the entire school year. Kids just okay with peanut butter? No problem, Jif also offers the dipper snack pack with their new chocolate silk peanut butter adding the chocolaty taste of cocoa to that protein rich goodness.

No matter which way you dip it, new Jif to go Dippers will provide your kid’s lunch with a protein and low fat crunch combo that won’t slow them down. Don't forget to check out Jif's website with convenient recipes and promotions to help save time and money.