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Jews and Christians are both painted as a threat as Jesus was

Jews and Christians share a 21st century problem......persecution
Jews and Christians share a 21st century problem......persecution
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Jesus plainly said, “They hate Me without cause”. Christians and Jews today are the two most hated and persecuted groups by far. Since Jesus was a Jewish rabbi and Christianity was given birth by the Jewish religion, it is no mystery why prejudice against both religions is standard operating procedure.

Christ was a threat to the Jewish Sanhedrin and their authority over the people. Roman despised the Jews and looked upon the Jews mainly as an annoyance. If the Jews or Christians became the least bit of trouble, the Romans would crush any resistance without mercy. Both the Jews and Christians for the most part just want to be left alone.

Not much has changed in 2000 years. The Jews are painted as a threat as the Christians. One thing for certain, it seems ludicrous that with all the influence the Jews are claimed to have worldwide, all the Jews have is a sliver of property carved out in a desert that nobody really wanted in 1948. To top that off, there is a huge effort to take what little land they have away from them.

Jesus told the Christians during His time that if they persecuted Me, they will persecute you. This prophesy has manifested in a vengeance as more Christians have been under persecution worldwide than any other time in history.

ISIS is purging Christians out of Northern Iraq and Syria while Boko Harem is extending its carnage of Christian targets in Northern Africa. Christian symbols are being attacked in both the public and private.

Israel was rewarded for vacating Gaza with missile attacks from Hamas. This harassment has been going on for years, but is only noticed when Israel retaliates. It is reminiscent of the terror attacks in Israel where buses, restaurants, and other public facilities were being razed with suicide bombers. Israel erected a security barrier to halt the carnage, but only Israel is chastised for putting up a wall. Israel is suppose to let the suicide bombers go unimpeded with their terrorism.

The animosity towards Christians has increased in America. Some of the most repeated diatribe against Christians is that a theocracy is sought by a Christians, a silly notion because the majority of Congress claim Christianity as their religion for decades. The vast majority of Christians have no interest in the political arena. Christians are allegedly wanting to “force religion” on everyone. Programming depicting a "Black Jesus" denigrates Christian values openly.

Christians are compelled to testify and share their faith and will probably do so, however the real fact is 93% of Christians never lead another person to Christ. It is rather hard to accept as true that 7% of Christians are causing all this stress. Even so, Jesus’ proclaimed a great commission that orders believers to go to the highways, byways and compel people to come in. Those complaining are expecting Christians not to follow what Christ commanded them to do.

Jesus wisely declared to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” While false accusations continue to swirl regarding what Christians are trying to do, most are completely false except for the bad examples that are present which is true for all subject categories.

Jews don’t really bother anyone. When was the last time anyone had a Jew come up and attempt to convert to Judaism? None would be a fair bet. One could not say that about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jews typically react if they are threatened and historically it is consistently true. Christians have a much more checkered past regarding persecution of other religions but the majority of those persecutions took place during the Middle Ages and was directed against Jews and Muslims.

Current day Christians are more interested in evangelism, foreign missions, and taking care of the needs of the destitute. The Catholic Church has an outstanding record in ministry work to the poor. Changing the civil law to position Catholicism or Christianity as dominant religious or philosophy is not being done.

The majority of the Bible was written by Jewish prophets or those with Jewish background. Jesus was raised a Jew and fulfilled the prophecies designated from the Old Testament for the Promised Messiah. The gospel of Matthew was specifically written by Matthew who was an ex- Jewish tax collector who appealed to a Jewish audience concerning all of the Jewish prophets’ predictions coming true through Christ.

Much is shared through the Jewish and Christian traditions which include persecutions. There is a very shared spiritual destiny that awaits both religions.

The Torah and Bible disclose convincing scripture about the destiny of both Jews and Christians.

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