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Jetsetting chic!

You never know who you will meet on that plane...
You never know who you will meet on that plane...

We are all guilty of it.  Dressing down in our shabbiest clothes for that long car or plane ride.  Well, its time to give those terry cloth pants and tracksuits a weekend off, and slip into a more fashionable ensemble for your next excursion.  After all, you never know who you might sit next to on that cross-country flight!  Here are a few tips to get you started!

The first tip is to dress in layers.  Even in the summertime, the airports can get chilly.  Layer a nice, lightweight camisole or tank under a loose v-neck or scoop neck tee for a feminine look that is not too frumpy.  On top, add a cardigan or blazer that compliments your underneath layers.  Of course, if it is scorching hot outside and stuffy on the plane, don't worry about that extra layer, keep it simple with the camisole and tee. 

Some people say they travel in those terry cloth sweat pants because they are so comfortable.  Yes, we know that they are comfortable, but there are comfortable alternatives that are not akin to a towel. Jeans will be uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time if they are too tight, too low or do not have any give.   Seven jeans offers a cut called the "kimmie curvy"  it has a little higher rise, and a darker wash (for those inevitable spills) and of course they look fantastic.  The waistband is a bit wider and higher in the back, so no worries about flashing those skivvies.  Another store to check out for great denim to travel in is Gap.  They offer an range of fits and styles, cuts, colors and washes.  Of course, steer clear of denim that has big buttons, grommets, studs or any other metal adornment.  Security has been raised and fashionistas don't have time to get held up at security!

To bring together your ensemble use a practical bag and even more practical shoes.  If you have a lap top, a nice structured bag is a great investment piece.  You can carry this to work and when traveling. If you buy a nice quality bag you can rest assured that it will hold up to the wear and tear of daily use.  Also, a cross body bag is always great and it allows you to have  your hands free to answer those important phone calls!  What goes inside your bag is important too!  Keep everything organized with separate bags.  Keep beauty necessities and other goodies separate from  your travel documents with pretty and functional pouches.  Though heels can really make an outfit, when traveling it seems to work best if you pick a more sensible pair.  A great pair of punchy flats or a nice flat boot is always classy.  If you must wear something with some height, grab that wedge boot from  your closet.  If you have a tendency to spend too much time in duty free, that wedged heel will give you more support if you have to scurry to catch that jet! 

Happy (and fashionable!) travels!