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Jetset Getset On The Move

Playback Records Nashville

What country /pop music group is comprised of mostly teenagers who sing three part harmony and can entertain with the best of them? Jetset Getset! They come from musical families and mid-western roots. They are definitely a rising star on the Nashville music scene. A little bit country and a little bit pop, their influences range from Reba to Beyonce.

Currently on a radio tour, they have recorded a song called “Stronger”, which has been selected as part of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Campaign. They feel strongly about the message that the song delivers. The hope is that victims of bullying will connect with the song. Being teenagers themselves, they can relate to issues facing teens in today’s society.

Stronger can be found on their album “Saturday Night”, featuring ten songs about life, love and friendship. They are being called the band to watch. They perform with a contagious enthusiasm that gets the audience involved. The band's radio promotional tour will be going on this week starting February 17. Jetset Getset will visit stations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, and will perform at several schools.

Visit the Jetset Getset website to learn more about the band.