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Jets, now therapists file lawsuit against Brett Favre

Jets, now two massage therapists sue Favre
Jets, now two massage therapists sue Favre
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Jets, now therapists file lawsuit against Brett Favre

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that two previous part-time Jets employees have filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court and are alleging they received sexually aggressive text messages from Brett Favre, the former quarterback.

San Francisco resident and sports fan, Jack Donnelly says, "I think too many sports celebrities get away with a lot. They need to have the book thrown at them and learn they are not above the law. At the same time though, care has to be taken against anyone who wants to file a lawsuit because they know Favre has money"

The two therapists allege the text messages they received cost them their jobs with the Jets.

Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole, were massage therapists who worked at the Jets' training camp back in 2008, Both of them are now suing Mr. Brett Favre, the Jets and Lisa Ripi, a lady who brings in massage therapists for the Jets team, states the lawsuit.

When asked for a comment, a Jets spokesman said only that it was a "pending legal matter." An attempt by the Wall Street Journal to get a comment from the attorney representing Ms. Scavo and Ms. O'Toole was not answered.

No comment was received either from Mr. Favre's agent, Bus Cook.

In the lawsuit, allegations are made, according to the Wall Street Journal, that Mr. Brett Favre texted an unidentified massage therapist and made the suggestion that he, the unnamed massage therapist and Ms. Scavo all "get together." Ms. Scavo's husband then confronted Mr. Favre and demanded that he stop sending the messages. When that happened, Ms. Scavo and Ms. O'Toole were no longer called upon to work for the Jets, says the lawsuit.

This lawsuit comes right after reports were made on San Francisco station KTVU that the NFL had fined Mr. Favre $50,000. The fine was for failure to help the investigation looking into lewd text messages Brett Favre was allegedly sending hostess Jenn Sterger back in 2008.

Favre has refused to answer questions from reporters about the allegations, says San Francisco news station, KTVU Channel 2 news.

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