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Jetpack America - 5 steps to success with a Jetpack

Carli Leavitt flying with Jetpack America
Eric Franks

Just a year ago, Jetpack America San Diego landed in Mission Bay and since then it's become one of the most popular things to do in town. Attracting locals and visitors alike, this insane water sport takes visitors flying up to 30 feet in the air using water propulsion which allows people to soar above the water and experience solo flight.

The staff at Jetpack America San Diego do an excellent job of preparing each new flyer and making sure they have a safe and unforgettable experience, but there are a few ways first time flyers can prepare on their own to make the most of their flight.

Step 1: Arrive Extra Early: Jetpack America San Diego is located on the west side of Mission Bay across from Mission Beach. As one of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S., this area can get very busy, especially on weekends and during the summer months. Since the first part of your Jetpack America appointment is your flight lesson, it's recommended to be onsite extra early in order to find parking. A little hint: Mission Beach is packed with restaurants, shops and even a roller coaster. The best way to make sure you're on time is to get into town a few hours early to find parking, grab a bite to eat and check out the shops before heading over to Jetpack America San Diego.

Step 2: Bring Your Own or Rent a Wetsuit: Jetpack America San Diego has wetsuits available to rent for $5 and it's definitely worth it. Even if its a beautiful sunny day, the water can still be a little chilly, the wetsuit will not only keep you warm, but also keep you covered.

Step 3: Wear Sunscreen: The majority of the Jetpack America experience is outside in the sunshine, so it's important to wear sunscreen or even a hat until entering the water. Part of the training is watching someone fly the Jetpack from shore and the bright sun combined with the reflection of the water increases the chance for sunburn.

Step 4: Buy the Premium Video Package: This is an incredible experience and with the Premium Video Package, Jetpack America San Diego will use three different GoPro camera angles to capture the action. The footage is then professionally edited and published on Youtube for customers to share.

Step 5: Relax and Have Fun!: The single most important thing to remember when flying a Jetpack is to relax. The movements needed to steer the pack are so slight that tensing up can make it difficult to maneuver. The staff takes excellent care of customers and makes sure they are safe by controlling the throttle and having someone in the water on a Jet Ski right beside first time flyers. So relax and enjoy the feeling of solo water-propelled flight!

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