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Jeter gives a good effort in loss

Tony "Mo Betta" Jeter
Juan Marshall

Last Saturday night, Patrick Nielson threw a hard right jab and caught Tony Jeter in the first 10 seconds of round 1 and put Jeter on his butt. Jeter did not seem hurt but it was a preview of the fight as Nielson scored a 2 nd round KO of Jeter to win the WBC World Silver Middleweight Championship. Jeter did not seem hurt after that first knock down and seemed to question the referee, Hector Afu, to no avail. Later in round 1, Nielson caught Jeter with a clean straight left hand for a second knock down in the first round. Jeter recalls, "He caught me with one of the best punches I have seen in my career. A straight left hand that caught me good. The first knock down...I think our feet got tangled. I have never fought south paws too good in my career."

In round 2, Jeter, (16-4-1, 11 KO's), seemed to get hurt by a punch that was hard to see by most observers. "It was a body shot that took the wind out of me, says Jeter, and each time I moved he was right on top of me and it was hard to breathe with each step I was taking to try to get out of his way. It was one of the hardest body shots I have ever taken." Jeter retrieved to the robes and took a knee and soon after Afu looked at Jeter and saw that he could not get up and waived an end to the fight at 1:06 of the round to give Nielson, (22-0-11 KO's), the belt and keep him in the conversation for the middleweight world title.

Southpaw Nielson, 22, towered over the shorter Jeter, 38, and was in complete control in front of his home crowd. "He was huge. He came into the ring at 180 pounds. I came in at 165. I could not put on any weight after the official weigh in, says Jeter. Look, this guy was 16 years my junior. It was an opportunity that I could not pass up. I am a prize fighter and I must take advantage of opportunities that come my way. I got a good pay day and I have to decide if I want to build my record and look for another pay day or concentrate on Jeter Promotions. I don't know yet. I still have not taken a beating in my career, so that will play a role if I decide to keep fighting. Other than a sore mid section, I feel pretty good after this fight." Please subscribe and follow the coming months of fight action in the DMV.

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