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JetBlue engine fire prompts plane emergency evacuation on flight bound for JFK

A JetBlue flight bound for New York's JFK Airport erupted in flames after one of the engines caught fire. Flight 704 had 186 passengers on board and six crew members when they had to evacuate the plane on the runway in San Juan, according to Fox News live on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 10.

JetBlue engine fire causes emergency evacuation in San Juan ln flight bound for JFK.
YouTube screen shot

The plane was taxing on the runway and ready to take off at San Juan’s International Airport with a destination of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City on Saturday when the engine exploded in flames. The evacuation occurred while jet was taxing on runway, according to the New York Daily News on Aug. 10.

Three people received minor injuries during the frantic evacuation. JetBlue found other flights out of San Juan for their passengers.

As Fox News mentioned, the passengers were lucky that the plane’s engine caught fire while on the ground instead of mid-flight. An investigation into the incident is underway. A passenger on that flight took a video of the plane on fire and this is no little fire. The flames can be seen erupting and flaring off the plane, as seen in the video above.

According to the Economic Times today, 192 people escaped the plane. The emergency slides were deployed to get everyone off the plane that was burning on the runway. The San Juan Fire Department made a quick response and were able to extinguish the flames quickly.

Why the Airbus A321’s engine suddenly burst into flames is unknown. JetBlue spokesperson Gina Recine first reported that there were no injuries, but it was later discovered that three passengers had minor injuries due to the emergency evacuation.

Raymond Talavera, who was a passenger on board the ill-fated plane, said that he was in the window seat in the first row and heard an “enormous boom.” He said he looked back and saw what looked like the aftermath of the engine explosion. He said there was “smoke everywhere.”

The passengers were brought back into the terminal after being evacuated. The FAA is investigating the cause of this flight’s fire.

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