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JetBlue checking in: Airline to start automatic check-in

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

When you go on a vacation, one thing you always have to do when you fly is check-in. JetBlue is going take away this step for you though. On Thursday, MSN shared about their plan to make it where customers don't have to check in anymore and it is done automatically for you. This will make traveling a lot easier.

Blair Koch, a JetBlue vice president, spoke out about how this will work in a press conference. He said, "The idea of asking customers to jump an additional hurdle before their flight is an increasingly antiquated concept. By having the right systems in place, we can remove this step and even help identify and prevent issues that can hinder customers from fully enjoying their travel experience."

If you are someone who needs to board early due to a medical reason, they will be able to get this set up ahead of time. There will not be any more trying to get them to realize you need to board ahead of everyone. It will already be figured out for you. This will help out a lot of people and will also save a lot of time if they can get it done.

This is still in the early stages, but JetBlue is confident that it will be a good thing. You will be able to be automatically checked in for your flight. You will then get an e-mail with your boarding pass so that you already have it when you show up at the airport. Of course this won't help with the pesky task of having your luggage weighed and checking it in before your flight. JetBlue is doing all that they can to make it an easier experience for you though.