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Jet's Pizza delivers awesomeness in eight squares

mmmm mmmm good
mmmm mmmm good

Jet's Pizza is possibly the best chain-delivery pizza ever. Jet's deep dish reminds me of  Rocky Rococo's, which i used to love as a kid. It's deep dish, it's square and its delicious! 

I loved everything about this pizza. The zesty sauce, the amount  and quality of cheese and the crispy deep dish crust. The customer service was A+ and our pizzas, hot and ready to devour, arrived in 30 minutes. Try the 8 square, turbo crust, toppings of your choice and you won't be disappointed! Throw in some wings and some Jet's bread for good measure. 

The only bad thing I have to say about Jet's is that it is located in New Hope and they don't deliver all the way to South Minneapolis. Here's hoping someone opens one in my neighborhood. 

Drunk, sober or whatever state you're in this pizza rocks! 

For more information and to see their menu click here