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Jet black tomatoes are new superfood rich in antioxidants

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Rich in antioxidant antrhocyanin, which debilitates diseases like obesity and diabetes, ‘Indigo Rose’ is a a hybrid tomato designed by American scientist Professor Jim Myers at University of Oregon. All of the ‘black’ tomatoes before this particular one had the green gene which turned brown when in the sun.

The ‘black’ tomato starts out green just like a regular red growing tomato until the fruit begins to mature and the sun hits it. The anthrocyanin is the antioxidant found in blueberries called flavonoids. Blueberries have 1-3 mg of antioxidant anthrocyanin per pound of fresh or frozen blueberries, but people eat less than 1-pound of blueberries per year.

The Indigo Rose tomato is as back as eggplant

The black tomato plant has tomatoes about eight days after ‘Early Girl’ and the bottom of the tomato turns green to red when they are ripe. Americans eat on the average 90-pounds of tomatoes a year.

The antioxidant is produced in the parts of the tomato that are exposed to the sun, it takes about a week for the tomatoes to become full in color.

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