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Jesus the Redeemer statue damaged: Lightning strike severs finger of holy symbol

A stray bolt of lightning struck and damaged the famous Jesus the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this week. In a bizarre natural phenomenon that appears not unlike the wrath of the gods, the iconic statue often viewed as a holy symbol had a finger hit and severed this week by the powerful flash. Fortunately, the official caretaker for the statue and local officials have confirmed that plans for repairing the Christ figure are already underway, affirms UPI News this Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014.

Jesus the Redeemer statue damaged; Lightning strike severs finger of holy symbol
Wikimedia Commons, Image File

The giant statue that gazes down on the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is now missing the upper tip of its thumb, confirmed Rev. Osmar Raposo. Raposo serves as head manager of the site in which the holy statue of Jesus the Redeemer rests. A lightning bolt was said to have struck it during a particularly bad storm this week and caused “minor damage to the beloved and internationally known work of religious art.”

The thunderstorm in question was confirmed to have been that occurred this Thursday. As cited in a Brazilian authorities’ weather report and information provided by citywide satellite technology, the massive storm that day included well over 40,000 lightning strikes that boomed throughout the area for just under three hours.

Many photos captured during the storm reveal the holy Jesus the Redeemer statue standing stark and glowing with a whitish glow against the pitch-black night sky while a spider web of lightning bolts pattern in the background. One specific shot even show shows the powerful force of nature striking the Christ figure’s thumb.

Sometime in Feb., repairs are expected to be underway for the beloved statue. Raposo confirmed that the damage is “nothing to worry about.” According to a 2007 survey, the famous statue overlooking the popular Brazilian city — standing at a tremendous 125 feet tall near the very top of Mount Corcovado — was named a symbol of beauty and one of the seven great wonders of the world.

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