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Jesus in the cheeseburger--and the fallacy of many 'churches'

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This weekend I attended a social function associated with work. When grabbing a cheeseburger, I noticed that my conversation drifted from a Jesus guided dialogue to a 'me' guided dialogue--with all the associated mischief. At that moment, in a cheeseburger fueled conversation, I was reminded of my all too faulty propensity to nudge Jesus from the conversation.

After all, all He did was die for me; and I can't invite Him into a simple conversation?

This doesn't mean Bible thumping, and verse quoting. This doesn't even mean bringing in religion, or theology, or overt moral principles, into a conversation.

This means, rather, letting Jesus guide my heart, and my mind, in everything I do.

From cheeseburgers, to 'churches,' Jesus is constantly chopped to bits. Though there is only One Lord, One faith, and One Body, you wouldn't know it by the way we (Catholics and 'Christians') divide Jesus during our day (into religion time Jesus and muted social Jesus).

Another way we divide Jesus is in the fallacy of many 'churches.'

Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, 'non-denominational, etc., etc.

The Truth is, there is only one Church. The Body of Christ. As there is only One Bread, One Wine, and One Sacrifice, there is only One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. As there is only one baptism, there is only One Spirit.

What we have is One Church broken into a gazillion little pieces, all claiming autonomy from its one source of Life. What we have are billions of spoiled children living in tents in the back yard, denying family ties with the people in the big house. What we have are a Billion Jesus' when there is only One.

What we do not have is the unity, and Oneness, Jesus prayed for to the Father, prior to His Sorrowful Passion.

So, cheeseburgers and 'churches' aside, truth must be told. We need Jesus in everything we do. And we need to wake up to the One Church. The Bride and the Body of our Lord--graced with the fullness of Truth in the Holy Spirit, in seven sacraments, in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, and in the Scripture, Tradition, and Teaching Authority of the apostles Jesus appointed in His Blood.

We need to meet the One Jesus...on His terms.