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Jesus statue X-ray reveals real teeth: Eerie find in 300-year-old statue

Researchers came across a creepy discovery while they were restoring a 300-year-old statue of Jesus. For part of the restoration work they needed an X-ray and what it showed was something bizarre and not at all expected, according to WND World News on Aug. 10.

Jesus statue has real human teeth, eerie find for researchers while doing restoration!
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The statue of Jesus had real human teeth and what appeared even stranger was that the teeth were in pristine condition. Eight teeth in all were discovered in the head of the Jesus statue being restored in Mexico. It appears that someone who had gorgeous teeth gave them up 300 years ago to make the Jesus statue even more realistic, suggest the Mail Online.

Believed to have been constructed in the 18th century, the Lord of Patience statue had the human teeth, which were perfectly formed all the way down to the roots. It is believed that the teeth were either donated out of gratitude or as a way for a worshiper to get closer to the religious figure.

What the researchers expected to find were teeth made out of wood. This is what similar statues from that time period usually contained, wooden teeth. This is one statue that is sacred to the church in Mexico and it is only moved once a year to be paraded through town during holy week, according to teh BBC News.

The team made other discoveries on the statue while doing the restoration work, although none as exciting as human teeth. They found a tinge of green and a tinge of blood-red on the statue, believed to be from the original artwork painted on the figure. It appears a previous restoration of the statue hid the colors under “modern beige retouching.”

Now that the real teeth were discovered, this gives the statue a creepy feeling to some, while others consider the donation of the teeth an act of love for the religion. This statue had to be special to the person who gave up their “perfect teeth” because this was during a time that dental implants did exist. They lost those teeth for good.

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