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Jesus' 'parable of the lamp' and America's plunge into darkness

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"Jesus said to his disciples, 'Is a lamp brought in to be placed under a bushel basket or under a bed, and not to be placed on a lamp stand?" Mark 4:21-22

If the Truth of Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, why is America willingly plunging itself into darkness? After all, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the state of our nation engulfed in the culture of death, the society of promiscuity, the attitude of technological detachment--enslaved to political correctness, engulfed by socialism, while decaying in religious indifference.

America should be ashamed of herself since she is supposedly 'the shining city upon a hill,' with all the natural resources, the technological advancements, and the moral Constitution, to share the Light of Truth with the world. Yet, she has failed by choosing darkness over light in secularism, relativism, socialism, hedonism, utilitarianism, and idol worship in men and women who serve the god of power and immediate gratification.

Thus, we have Barack Obama and the 'cult of personality,' which brings forth false promises and real suffering. Real suffering: more and more Americans have given up looking for employment each and every day--this is not reflected in an orchestrated mirage of the percentage of unemployed. Personal freedoms, not to mention community freedoms, shrink as we sip our coffee this very morning. Whether from the IRS, NSA, HHS, DOD, DHS, or Executive order, our rights as American's, and as human beings, is shrinking rapidly.

And let's not forget that thousands of unborn boys and girls are going to die today of 'affordable health care' in abortions...paid for by nuns, and citizens like us.

Jesus continued:

"For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible; nothing is secret except to come to light. Anyone who has ears to hear ought to hear.” Mark 4:23

'Catholic' politicians such as Nancy Pelosi have called Planned Parenthood 'sacred ground.' Joe Biden has endorsed every political power-grab on our freedom--from the 2nd Amendment to religious freedom. Kathleen Sebelius has taken the role of Gestapo in the HHS anti-Christian mandate. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo dines at night with delight in the thought of exterminated unborn babies. And President Obama, who attended Catholic school as a youth, empowers them all.

Yet, our Shepherds, our Catholic Bishops, where are they in the national news, protecting our rights? Sure, we see Cardinal Dolan pop his head out once in a while. Sure, a random Bishop makes a strong statement here and there. But where is the sustainable, empowering, awe-inspiring courage of the Shepherd of Jesus Christ in all this darkness?

Truth be told, except for endorsing 'amnesty' for illegal aliens, sometimes I think all the American Bishops are asleep at the wheel.

As Catholics, we are taught to fight evil with good. We are given the example of the Lamb who was led to slaughter for our salvation. Yet honestly, if the barbarians once again raid Rome--in the form of progressives, socialists, anarchists, and Radical Islamic terrorists--and I see my wife and child in harms way, I will have to exercise my 2nd Amendment right...multiple times.

Tragically, it is getting so dark around this nation that the Light seems so very dim. If we don't re-light it in a revival of genuine, orthodox, traditional, heart-felt, practiced, evangelized, full cuisine (no cafeteria) Catholicism real soon, we will have to fight for our families, fire with fire.

And that is not the Light Jesus wants us to ignite.