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Jesus one, vampires zero


Buffy eat your heart out

Jesus Christ is back and he’s showing Buffy Summers a thing or two in this amazing tongue in cheek graphic novel. Tim Seeley, author of underground hit Hack/Slash, brings us something truly great. I have a feeling that the thoughts that buzzed through my head were the same as everyone else, Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer!? When I saw the title of this book I couldn’t help but be engulfed by its humor and storyline. Immediately after finishing the book I couldn’t help but pass it around to anyone and everyone.
The story is a little ditty set in an alternate earth where vampires have made themselves known, sparking a world war that wiped out most of humanity. Although there are a few groups struggling to survive, the majority of people are ruled by the church in the New Vatican. To help vanquish the vampires the Vatican turns to the one man tough enough to battle the forces of darkness, Jesus Christ. Not only does Jesus have the power to heal and bless but his blood and saliva burn vampires. All is right in the world until Jesus meets a beautiful vampire assassin who makes him begin to question whether the Church’s absolute control is right or if there’s more to the world than he originally believed.
Once you get past the shock value of the title Loaded Bible is actually a great story. The comic may be a bit controversial, but the subject matter is more tongue in cheek than an attempt to offend anyone. There are a few rough spots and a few storylines that could use a little tweaking but considering this is only the beginning of the first story arc there is plenty of time for the rough spots to work themselves out.