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Jesus is the vine

Jesus will always be here for us.

In the Gospel reading today, John 1-15, Jesus discusses how much people need Him. Jesus uses the symbol of Him being a vine and we are His branches. It is a beautiful symbol.

The hard reality is that yes we still need Jesus. We need Him just as people needed Him thousands of years ago. When we think we can make it on our own, things get out of control. When Jesus is our center, we are more focused.

There isn't a surprise that Catholic faith does not support gay marriage. It isn't fundamentally the definition of marriage - a man and woman. Women were to be created as a helpmate to men and create children together. This is our Catholic faith.

As Jesus taught us in today's Gospel, we still need Jesus. Just because so many want to push away from Him, ignore their own faith to fit into society or be cool doesn't mean Jesus disappeared. He is alive within us.

Of course, no one can judge but God. But that doesn't mean to forget your faith and morals to be popular. Be brave and stand up for your belief. The people who truly love you will always love you. Jesus will always be there for you.

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