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Jesus is the Son of God

Jesus Christ names Peter as the Rock and gives him the keys to Heaven. Many of us heard the reading from Matthew 13-20 where Jesus is talking to Peter. But why did He call Peter the rock above the others?

Jesus asked His disciples who He was. The answers varied and some had no idea what to say. Then Jesus came to Peter and Peter answer was Jesus is the Son of God. Therefore, because Peter recognized Him as the Son of God, Jesus said Peter was the rock.

So many times people forget that Jesus Chris is the Son of God. It's more powerful than any words can relay. God sent His Son to save us. As anyone knows who has children, watching them endure any pain is torture. God had to watch all of what Jesus went through.

Think about that next time you merely say Jesus is the Son of God. Yes, He is and deserves every bit of respect as possible.

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