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Jesus is in the Food Again


Up to his usual tricks, Jesus is appearing in peoples' food again. The has-been messiah has appeared in such staples as tortillas, grilled cheese sandwiches and potato salad, but this time he's stepping it up a notch and appearing in the trendy vegan meat-alternative, seitan.

The well-known animal rights group PETA reports that a supporter wrote with the news that the Son of Man had appeared in his/her (the supporter was anonymous) wheat-gluten-based faux meat during dinner preparations.The Jesus-cooker then reportedly ran about, showing his/her roommates their divine discovery.

Pass the paradolia!


  • Sara Z. 5 years ago

    yummy! Fake Jesus meat!

  • Confused 5 years ago

    What is the point of this posting?

  • Not Confused 5 years ago

    Confused, the point appears to be to share this funny paradolia story with you.

  • Réne Girard (SD Christianity & Culture) 5 years ago

    "has been"?! How about "Always will be!"

    As far as Jesus in the food, yeah - kind of ridiculous. Probably sculpted for added effect.

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