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Jesus is First, Foremost, and Top Priority – Are you living live in this way?

Greek Orthodox Icon of Jesus Christ
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Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ most indefinitely died for our sins, and hence saved humanity. He paved the path for humans to not die and go directly to Hell. Our Lord Jesus, died so that we may follow in His humble footsteps and believe, and hopefully enter the Kingdom of God. Our Lord endured so much agony, including physical, emotional, and spiritual pain in ways us humans could never fathom.

Our Lord was mocked, bullied, and spat upon. People ridiculed Jesus, and smacked Him across His face. He pushed and tossed around like garbage. Our Lord was scourged, beaten, and bled using barbaric weaponry. Our Precious Lord Jesus was tortured more ways than one. At the same time, Jesus while dying on the Cross, forgave all who did these things to Him.

“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”, our Lord said. How amazing is our Lord? Do you see how loving and compassionate He was here on earth? This same love and compassion Jesus has for us still, up on His Throne, in Heaven. We forget sometimes how much our Lord loves us. We disregard how much He still does for us.

Nevertheless, this act of saving us did not end on the Cross or at His Resurrection. Our Lord Jesus saves us each day the moment we wake up and take our first breaths. Every morning as we awake from our slumber, most of us are able to look outside our windows and greet the day. That is just one more day our Lord God is allowing us to live. That is just one extra day for us to prove to Him our faith and love for those around us.

Do not forget beloved to awake and thank the Lord for your life. Before you sleep that evening, do not forget to again, thank the Lord for the time to rest. We should be praying to Him constantly, twice a day at the very least. Try to make it a habit to talk to Jesus. Attempt to put our Lord where He belongs, first, foremost, and top priority in our hearts.

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