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Jesus, gays, and professional sports

Joined before God

There has been much made in the news lately about various sports figures announcing that they are homosexual. Football, basketball and other pro sports have had their share of prominent players making the news by coming out.

What this phenomenon has served to do is bring to the forefront the issue of discrimination against LGBT people, particularly for religious reasons. Along with the same sex marriage tsunami that is rolling across the nation, the revelation that some sport figures are gay has shocked many down to the core of their being.

With all of this news regarding homosexuality and religion another interesting debate has arisen. Is it possible for gays to also be Christians? According to the progressive website Forward Progressive they can indeed.

A writer referred to only as Jasdye apparently is responding to remarks made by Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins who stated that “we'd welcome him into our locker room and say come help us win, and hopefully I can love him like Jesus and hopefully show him what it means to follow Jesus," spoken in the event a gay player joined the team.

Jasdye in his remarks to Cousins said “What if, though, the gay player shows you what it means to follow Jesus? What if the player rejects your White Homophobic Jesus and shows you a Welcoming Jesus? What if he shows you Queer Jesus?”

Much to the chagrin of Christians at large the idea that Jesus may have been homosexual has been brought up in the past, citing the fact that he traveled with his twelve male disciples and as far as anyone knows had never married.

Herein lays the problem with religion as opposed to faith. One can have faith in a higher power without the trappings of religiosity. Sometimes religiosity can even lead to faith being lost. Religion is a man made concept whereas faith comes from within.

Can homosexuals believe in and follow the Christian path? According to Christian mythology Jesus frequently was seen in the company of murderers, thieves, and prostitutes.

To a reasonable person it would seem likely there were some gay folks there as well.

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