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Jesus gave body, mind and soul

This Sunday, April 13, 2014 is Palm Sunday; recognized in Western Christianity as the traditional time when Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem and was designated by the Jewish people as Messiah.

Palm Sunday
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His entry into the city riding upon a donkey, having Palm fronds waived and laid before Him was seen by the Jewish people as the fulfillment of prophecy that the son of David had finally taken his rightful place as the long awaited King of Israel.

The triumphal entry (as it is commonly called) was anything but such; Jesus knew it was the beginning of His physical end. The human side of the (trinity) tri-une God head’s divine excursion into living as a man was about to end and just as the human side of God began with physical birth, so too would it end in physical death.

In consideration of the Lenten season and Easter, most of us tend to focus on the physical sacrifice of Jesus through His torture and crucifixion experience.

Seldom have we focused on the mental and spiritual side of what Christ experienced as he prepared for what He knew ultimately was death.

Jesus must have been in sheer agony emotionally and spiritually as He made His way through the cheering crowds headed for the temple.

He obviously knew as the all knowing Son of God that the people He was about to die for had no concept of what was about to happen to Him and why their prophetic expectations were only partially being fulfilled.

Jesus being both God and man obviously struggled with His humanity in every way as he moved toward His appointed time to die.

Most of us sometimes struggle with the thoughts of life and death but usually don’t have any idea of our proverbial “exit” date; Jesus did.

Talk about torture?

He knew everything that was going to happen to him: Judas would betray Him, Peter would deny Him three times, all of His disciples would scatter, He would be tried illegally by a corrupt Sanhedrin court and ultimately be turned over to Roman authority via Pontius Pilate where some of the very people who had cheered Him on would call for His crucifixion.

Of course Jesus also knew He would be physically tortured, crucified and at the last moment be separated from His divinity in order to experience human death and take on the sin of the world; every sin, past, present and future of every human being; literally crossing the barriers of time.

So often we refer to our Savior “giving His all”; when we consider both His emotional and spiritual side as well as His physical body being sacrificed, it gives new meaning to that often used seasonal remark.

As we continue in the spirit of the Lenten season, it might be good for each of us to sacrifice those emotional and spiritual troubles to our Lord that often create problems in our lives as we consider all that He experienced both in His mind and soul as well as His death experience on the cross.

Remember Jesus began giving His all from the very moment He was born.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

©Copyright 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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