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Jesus Dress Up wants your business

Back in 2000 a man named Bob Smith created a sensation. This sensation is known as Jesus Dress Up, and shortly after moving to New York City, he made an idea turn to reality. Jesus Dress Up is just what it sounds like, it's a magnet game which allows you to dress up Jesus in various different costumes. The game quickly became a hit, and was even featured in Urban Outfitters in 2004 until media outcry caused the product to be pulled from shelves. Normal Bob Smith, as he is known, has put in the hard work and has since been featured in many places, and has sold many sets of the iconic magnet game. But now, he's looking for even more stores to take on the humorous dress up game.

A promo shoot for the popular BDSM version which recently sold out during Christmas time.
Normal Bob Smith

Jesus Dress Up has received much attention, and has even been endorsed by many celebrities such as Sarah Silverman and John Waters among many more. Comedy Central has also featured his product in many videos. However, to keep Jesus Dress Up as popular as ever, Bob needs more stores to take on his product. Normal Bob Smith has said that he would one day love to see the game being sold in a chain retailer, and strives to find more outlets for his product. With sales doing quite well online, it's easy to see that there's profit to be made for any store who decides to carry the humorous and harmless game.

There are various different sets of the game, including a BDSM version which sold out during Christmas time. There is also a Star Wars version, original version, villains and much more. Bob stated that he hopes more stores will take on his product, as it will allow him to expand the game and to also restock the popular BDSM version which has completely sold out. It's no secret that the game has become sort of a life blood for Normal Bob, as his hard work has paid off, while there is still much more hard work to do.

It's understandable for many people to read this and think of Normal Bob Smith as some sort of heathen devil, which really is only half true. Normal Bob Smith is well, relatively normal. When he's not busy with Jesus Dress Up he runs two websites, one being Amazing Strangers which chronicles all the different types of souls he encounters while spending time in Union Square Park. Bob also enjoys art, and considers Andy Warhol as one of his heroes.

Though sales are doing well, they're not doing well enough for Bob, which is why the call for more stores is out. Normal Bob Smith has created a product which has been loved and enjoyed by many, but needs help to take it even further than he already has. So, any business men, women, entrepreneurs, companies and more, are you smart enough to put Jesus Dress Up on your shelves, as many have already done?

To contact Normal Bob Smith, you may do so by visiting his website or his Facebook. You may also contact him directly through any of the options listed here.

You can also check out his product here.

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