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Jesus Calling

Ryk Neethling

Just wanted to recommend a handy tool for your daily worship time with the Lord. My mom suggested an iPhone app called Jesus Calling. It is also available in print, the Amazon appstore, Android, and Nook. There is a setting on the app to where you can be reminded at a specific time each day to read a short devotional and take a moment to think on the topic of the day. It includes a few Bible verses so that you will understand the context in which the devotional was written.

The title was a genius idea. When you get the reminder popping up on your phone that says "Jesus Calling," it's impossible to ignore it. Each daily entry is easy to follow and always thought-provoking. There have been days when the topic was one I really needed to hear, either for offering encouragement or calling me to repentance. Please take a moment and look into getting either the app or book. I promise that it's worth it.

Check out this link for a little more info: