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Jesus arrives on Friday

Jesus arrives on Friday
Son of God movie

Behold, I am coming soon, (Revelation 22:20).

Today’s text is the next to the last verse in the Bible. It is also the last line of dialogue in the movie “Son of God” that opens at theaters across the country this Friday.

The movie was produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey and is a sequel to "The Bible" series that aired last year on the History Channel. When the series was being filmed in Morocco two years ago everyone recognized that the footage of Jesus and the story of the gospels had a special touch on it. The conversation was begun about the possibility of taking all the Jesus material and cutting it into a two-hour movie. The result is the film that arrives this weekend.

Unlike “The Passion of the Christ”, “Son of God” tells the entire story of Jesus’ life, from his birth in Bethlehem, through the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and even contains a closing scene with John on the Island of Patmos where Jesus spoke the words of today’s text. Millions of people around the world that might not attend church or ever read a Bible will be able to see the story and hear the words of Jesus in a movie theater.

I probably don’t need to say what an amazing opportunity this is to take a friend to a movie and begin a conversation. Our church is not large, but we bought out a large theater for Sunday afternoon and have sold so many tickets that we had to buy another theater to accommodate all our members wanting tickets, not only for themselves, but for friends and family.

The producers have also developed an amazing amount of resource materials to be used in conjunction with the film. Make sure and check out and look at the resources section.

Finally, I hope I don’t get to see the movie this Sunday. I hope the words of today’s text are fulfilled before the film opens. Then I can see Jesus in person! But if they aren't, the movie is a great way to remember how wonderful he is and how much he loves us!

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