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Jesus advocates with the Father through his wounds, says Pope

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Pope Francis said in his homily for daily Mass today that Jesus Christ advocates and intercedes to the Father for us through the wounds that he suffered on Calvary, as he continued a theme that he addressed in Sunday's Angelus message. “He shows his wounds to the Father and Jesus, with his wounds, prays for us as if to say to the Father: ‘But, Father, this is the price of these! Help them, protect them.' They are your children whom I have saved with these [wounds],” Francis explained.

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Pope Francis remarked that Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, and in that final prayer before his Passion Jesus “speaks to the Father and says ‘I pray for them,’” saying that Christ is also telling all those who follow him “you are all of the Father. And I pray for you before the Father. Jesus does not pray for the world, but he prays for us and he prays for the Church,” the Pontiff explained to the congregation in the chapel of the St. Martha Residence in the Vatican. Alluding to the first Epistle of St. John, the Holy Father reminded the assembled communicants of John's words about Christ's advocacy on behalf of fallen humanity. John was “thinking about these things and speaking of us, who are great sinners, says “Do not sin, but if any of you do sin, know that we have an advocate before the Father, one who prays for us, defends us in front Father, justifies us. I believe we should really think about this truth, about this reality,” Pope Francis taught.

"Jesus is praying for me right now," explained Francis.“I can go on in life because I have an advocate who defends me, and if I am guilty and I have so many sins...he is a good defense attorney and will speak of me to the Father.We are confident that he is doing this for everyone. We must have faith in this prayer of Jesus with his wounds before the Father,” the Pope declared.