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Jessie James Decker has a new baby and a new hit EP, 'Comin' Home'

Ever ready for her close-up, songstress and new mom Jessie James Decker has just unveiled a special six-song EP, "Comin’ Home," that's found her quick-fire success by hitting No. 1 on the iTunes album charts April 18.

Jessie James Decker has a new baby and a new EP, "Comin' Home."
Tumblr/Used with permission.

Described in an April 20 correspondence from her PR camp as "a candid celebration of her pop and country influences," the"Comin’ Home" offering is now available for purchase on all digital platforms. Moreover, the music's also featured on Jessie's hit-reality show, “Eric & Jessie: Game On,” which also stars her doting hubby, pro-football wide-receiver Eric Decker. (“Eric & Jessie: Game On” airs on Sunday nights at 10/9 (Central) on E!)

As for her new EP, the project includes“Mama Wrote You a Lullaby,” which she penned for her newborn daughter, Vivianne Rose; the heartfelt song was included in the April 20 episode of “Eric & Jessie.”

Other tracks on the radio-release include "Girls Night," a fun track that's ripe for commercial-radio success, as well as "Rain on the Roof of This Car," "Coming Home," "Diary" and "Breaking Your Heart," all of which Jessie delivers with conviction and verve.

With marriage, music and mommyhood bubbling up in her daily life, Jessie has been crooning since age 2, when the well-traveled military brat began singing into a toy microphone and tape recorder, which was a gift from her mom. Thus, by age 9,she was composing her own songs on a plastic guitar and performing in front of large audiences.

To learn more about Jessie or to download her current EP, please access her official Tumblr website. To track her via social media, check out her Twitter, Instagram or FB pages. To sample the tracks on "Comin' Home," please click here.

  • Video bouns: To see the official video for "I Do" by Jessie James Decker, please eye the clip embedded with this post.
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