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Jessica Watson: In the 50's - Watching albatross and chatting with another solo sailor


Illustration by Greg Murphy, Courtesy of Google Earth

Ella's Pink Lady continues to move easterly toward Jessica Watson's next milestone - a rounding of Cape Horn.  Her progress has been steady and she has moved into the 50 degree latitude band with a reported position putting her at about 50°43'S, 120° 5'W.

She is noting the definite change in conditions from past weeks and presently is experiencing cold and drizzly conditions with slow going.  Reporting in her blog this morning, she notes that:  It's been a bit of a slow day with only a little wind and drizzly rain. You wouldn't guess that this is the Southern Ocean! Well, that is apart from the long swell and Albatross, oh and of course the cold.

I've been finding the light winds and slow progress a little frustrating, but I shouldn't complain because life is so much more comfortable in the light conditions and the wind chill is going to be quite something when it does eventually pick up."

She has discovered another solo sailor on the wide expanse of ocean and has had some conversations with him on the radio.  Dilip Donde is in another sailboat - a larger 47 footer - and is also heading for Cape Horn. Although he is nearly 600 nm to the west of her position, he will be closing the gap each day due to the higher speeds from his larger craft.

Opening Christmas gifts in the cabin of Ella's Pink LadyJessica has been studying the albatross and is amazed at their effortless flight.  "The albatross really is an amazing bird. No matter how long I watch them for, I never seem to see them flap their wings. They make flying look so effortless and seem completely relaxed weaving in and out of the swell, thousands of miles from land. "


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    I hope you had a reasonable Christmas and the prezies were good

    The amount of wine I drank for you last night means you can't be feeling too good today

    Keep it up you doing marvellously