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Jessica Watson: Rounding Cape Horn on 1/13/10


Illustration by Greg Murphy, Courtesy of Google Earth 

She's traveled nearly 10,000 nautical miles since her pink S&S 34, Ella's Pink Lady departed Sydney harbor on October 18th.  While Jessica Watson has had her share of adventure on this voyage, she admits to being surprised by the reliable unpredictability of weather, wind and sea states.

The wind is expected to pick up a bit today - although she's rested on glassy swells becalmed for times in the last 48 hours.  Her position is within 150 nautical miles of the next milestone in her 23,000 mile voyage - the rounding of South America's Cape Horn. Her shore-based spokesman reports that she is currently sailing in over 20 knots of breeze in a 3-4 meter swell.  With wind conditions expected to pipe up further - possibly reaching gale force (over 34K) due to a low pressure area south of her current position.

In the past week the wind has roared up over 40 knots and whispered with the flogging of her sails as she sat stationary.  She is expected to round the Horn sometime Wednesday afternoon - January 13th - and is hoping for enough break in the gray overcast to have a wave at her parents who have chartered a jet for a flyby for the event after flying commercially from Australia.


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