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Jessica Watson: Foggy and slow allow time for planning Christmas dinner


Illustration by Greg Murphy, Courtesy of Google Earth

The eeriness of being alone in the fog has caused Jessica Watson to dream of her family's Christmas preparation in the warmth of New South Wales while she contends with little wind, poor visibility and a damp chill.

Reporting in her blog only four days before Christmas, the solo sailor admits to a bit of loneliness as she considers her holiday feast aboard Ella's Pink Lady.  "We didn't exactly get anywhere today with very little wind. This morning was misty and overcast again, but this afternoon has been pretty special with a really thick fog closing in. It feels like there's a great big grey moist blanket draped over the world and just before it got dark the fog got so thick that I could hardly see 50 metres ahead. It's really a pretty amazing sight, but along with the almost complete silence, it's not far off feeling downright eerie.

I've been working hard not to let my imagination run away from itself, but it just feels so surreal sitting almost motionless with a big rolly swell passing underneath and the white swirling fog surrounding us. Now that it is dark Ella's Pink Lady's navigation lights at the top of the mast are lighting up big rays of red and green fog. It feels like something out of a movie!"

With a current position near 45°11'S, 128°17'W as of December 21st, she is less than 2,300 nautical miles from rounding the tip of Cape Horn.

Shown here in the drizzly gray from earlier in the week, Ms. Watson admits that, while her headgear has her prepared for chillier temperatures ahead, the woolen hat also serves to help her save brushing her hair.