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Jessica Watson: 1,500 nautical miles until Tierra del Fuego and Drake Passage


Illustration by Greg Murphy, Courtesy of Google Earth

The miles continue to tick away as Ella's Pink Lady has picked up some speed due to 20 knot winds.  Current position is near 53°20'S, 110°44'W - about 1,500 nautical miles from the famous archipelago at the tip of Chile.

Temperatures have continued to drop as Jessica Watson and her pink sailboat come nearer to the Drake Passage and Antarctica.  Compared to the early days of her voyage when being too warm in a swimsuit or sarong was an issue, Jessica Watson now has to contend with "suiting up" any time she needs to go topsides from the cocoon of her cabin.

Reporting today in her blog, she explains:  "When I venture up on deck these days, I feel a bit like a clumsy elephant with all the gear that I have to wear. First there's all the thermals and various different layers, then boots and wet-weather gear, hat, life jacket and what feels like half the hardware stashed in the pockets of my overalls. I'm always carrying my knife, PLB (personal EPIRB), shifter and more often than not a selection of various other tools. It's far easier to just take most of the spanner set with you, when picking the wrong size means an extra round of clipping and un-clipping tethers and opening and replacing washboards."

Authors note:  It occurs to me that not many 16 year-old girls include spanners (wrenches), washboards (companionway boards) or personal EPIRB'S (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)  in the description of their daily routine!