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Jessica Smith confesses to drowning her toddler and attempting to kill her teen

Jessica Smith confessed to drowning her youngest child and attempting to murder her oldest.
Jessica Smith confessed to drowning her youngest child and attempting to murder her oldest.

There is new information this Monday about the case of a mother charges with murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Isabella Smith, and attempting to murder her 13-year-old daughter.

Jessica Smith confesses to drowning her youngest child

Jessica Smith, 40, of Godlendale, WA was arrested Sunday evening for the murder of her toddler and trying attempting to kill her teen. Both children were found by a housekeeper at a hotel in Cannon Beach, according to KPTV.

Court documents quote Cannon Beach police Chief Jason Schermerhorn saying Smith’s 13-year-old daughter told him “we”, referring to herself and her mother, had put the baby in the bathtub while the baby was sleeping.

Schermerhorn also told investigators that Smith’s 13-year-old told LifeFlight medical staff that her mother drowned her 2-year-old sister and her older sister wanted to cut her own throat and wrists and her mother helped her do that because of her parents’ separation.

She also told medical staff that she and her sister didn’t want to live with their father, who was seeking custody. They “just wanted to get out of it” she stated, according to court documents.

Medical staff explained that the girl was being “eerily calm” when they spoke with her. She told them her mother was going to the forest to kill herself.

Both children were discovered by a Surfsand Resort housekeeper and an extensive manhunt began for their mother, Jessica Smith. Two days after the murder of 2-year-old Isabella Smith, a coast guard helicopter spotted smith on a rural logging road.

Smith confessed to drowning her youngest daughter and helping her teen gut her wrists and throat with a razor blade, according to a search warrant affidavit.

Smith was indicted by a Clatsop County grand jury on aggravated murder charges for the death of her toddler and attempted murder for injuries to her 13-year-old daughter.

Smith’s husband stated that Smith was supposed to give him the girls for his visitation the day they were found in the hotel room. The day before Smith murdered her baby and tried to kill her teen, she sent a 15-page email to her husband’s co-workers explaining their “horrible marriage” according to court documents.

Greg Smith had recently filed for divorce.

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