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Jessica Simpson vs. the real reasons you should stop drinking soda


How artist Lawrence Yang sees the Pepsi logo

"I don’t know about diet sodas. I think it gives you cellulite," Jessica Simpson famously told Jay Leno. "It clogs those pores - it gives you the holes we all hate.”.

While word is out on Jessica's theory about soda, it certainly contains enough sodium to make someone bloated. There are many other reasons to stay away from sodas.

Why Soda Doesn't Fit a Healthy Diet

  • High Calorie / Counteractive to Weight Loss Efforts
  • Contributes to dehydration
  • May cause insomnia & sleeping disorders
  • Can cause caffeine addiction
  • Can contribute to acid reflux
  • May increase risk of developing esophageal cancer
  • Artificial sweetener issues in diet sodas, such as headaches
  • Mineral Depletion
  • Higher chance for diabetes
  • Stains & corrodes teeth


Be prepared to do the work: decide to quit. Today is the day. Make it a statement of intent. Commit.

Make a clean break at home: Empty the fridge of soda. Trash it. Don't bring soda home. If it's not there, there's no temptation

The outside world: How will you deal with that soda machine at work? Consider alternatives.

  • Milk & water; flavored waters, caffeine-free green tea & black tea.
  • Try powdered Gatoraid, Crystal Light, Fuze, anything with of flavor but few calories.
  • Coffee has about 2x the caffeine as soda, but is a low-cal alternative. skip the syrups, whipped cream, and whole milk.


E-HOW TIP: * When a killer craving hits, try chewing sugar free gum and drinking lots of low calorie fluids until it passes. The increase in saliva production combined with the decrease in thirst will help the craving for a soda pass much faster.


  • Jason Witt 5 years ago

    I say go all the way for the tea. It'll give the caffeine but also contains the L-theanine to help calm the lucky person who makes the switch. It's going to have no calories when taken as a whole food with no additives and it has enough health benefits to outweigh a medical dictionary.