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Jessica Simpson is ready to do what her fiancé has never seen her do

Jessica Simpson to take to the stage to sing, if she has her way that is her latest plan!
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Jessica Simpson’s weight loss wasn’t an easy feat, as she worked hard at getting her svelte body back after the birth of her second child. She learned from her first pregnancy not to gain too much weight when pregnant, but she still ate those pancakes, ice cream and other goodies while carrying her son. She just stayed a bit more active, according to ABC News on Feb. 18.

She urges women not to be afraid to gain weight during pregnancy, “you are creating a life”, said Simpson. She adds that "this is a really hard thing to go through.” She said it is after the baby is born, that is when you can expect to work hard to get back to your normal weight. It looked as if Jessica did just that because she looks better than she ever has!

The singer, fashion mogul and actress has a passion for singing, after all that is how the world was introduced to Simpson. She wants to get up on stage and sing again.

Simpson said that her fiance’ Eric Johnson has never seen her on stage performing. She would love for him and her kids to see her up there belting out a tune or two. That’s Jessica’s next goal, getting back to her roots of singing! What about her wedding? That's in the works, but she wouldn't say just when that big event will happen .

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