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Jessica Northey celebrates #CMCHAT's 3rd birthday, launches #CMCHATTYS Awards

1st Annual #CMCHATTYS Awards (2014)
1st Annual #CMCHATTYS Awards (2014)
Jessica Northey /

Social media and digital marketing maven Jessica Northey is celebrating the third birthday of her self-helmed Twitter community, #CMchat--one of the most influential online networks and sources of news, information and entertainment. As one of Forbes' Top 10 Social Media Influencers, Northey has crafted a wholly unique engagement experience in the country music community, bolstered through her blogazine,

To commemorate this milestone, the entrepreneur is launching, in partnership with Country Outfitter, the inaugural #CMChattys Awards. Determined by fans and peers, the honors (as outlined below) seek to recognize the best and most elite social media content producers, including stars, fans and industry tastemakers.

Nominations begin on Thursday (May 1) and continue throughout the spring-summer month, with a winners announcement coming first week of June.

“The citizen journalist who specializes in a particular niche is just as powerful these days as the corporate news outlets, if not more. People tend to connect in a more meaningful way with the person ‘next-door’ whose attention and reciprocity of conversation is attainable, " Northey shares in an official statement.

Nominations will be accepted through major social media platforms, including Twitter.

Round one takes place May 1-9. Fans can submit their nominations through a combination of hashtags, using #CMChattys, the person's name and #MustFollow. The Top 10 choices will move on to Round Two the following week (May 12-16); voting will then open up beyond Twitter, adding Facebook and Google+ to the acceptable avenues. Fans will then submit their Top 2 choices from the list, with the finalists narrowed down to the Top 5. Round three (May 19-26) will be the last round of voting.

The winners will subsequently be announced live from Nashville during the first week of June.

Here are the categories:

Must Follow Headliner

Must Follow TV Show

Must Follow Female

Must Follow Venue

Must Follow Male

Must Follow Label

Must Follow Duo

Must Follow Industry Professional

Must Follow Group

Must Follow Parody Account

Must Follow Musician

Must Follow One to Watch Artist

Must Follow Songwriter

Must Follow Fan Club

Must Follow Blog

Must Follow Lifestyle Brand

Must Follow Blogger

Must Follow Music Fan

Must Follow Personality/Host

Fans, get to tweeting! For more information, check out!

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