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Jessica Kallista, a hoot in suburban Fairfax

Another Year in Suburbia, An Excavation
Another Year in Suburbia, An Excavation
Jessica Kallista

As you may know from her being a pioneering member of the Bunnyman Bridge Collective, and Arlington Artists Alliance, Jessica Kallista is not a stereotypic suburbanmomma anymore than she is a typical artist. She is not. Her unique style is collage artist, and that comes with some logotypic treatment on some odd elements.

Jessica Kallista, an integral part of her work
James George

Revisit a snippet from her artist statement:

“Possessed with a frenetic desire to constantly create both literary and visual art, Jessica began to combine the two in collages that employ elements of chance, repetition, and appropriation. Her work is often concerned with the everyday, calling to mind the familiar artifacts and ephemera of the mundane and reimagining and transforming them into fantastical dreamlike elements of magical worlds that are just below, above, or somehow beyond our reach.”

That paragraph is rich in ideas, but her full statement is a robust manifesto. Recall also that she is a writer and an artist, a multimedia collage artist that may leave no artistic element from the realm of possible incorporation -- paint it, paste it, edit it.

Alright, lets see the latest. Check out the slideshow.

First there is “Another Year in Suburbia, An Excavation.” This is a monumental work of storytelling. It catalogs in a visual diary what has transpired during the past year or so. What makes it monumental is its size, scope, and comprehensiveness. If you go to the opening, you must ask her to take you on the journey.

Second, “Intuition” is a classic piece of Jessica Kallista work. You might hope that she always keeps the octopus and baby doll around in some of her work.

Third is “Suburban Chakras.” In “Hindu and tantric/yogic traditions and other belief systems chakras are energy points or knots in the subtle body.” Hey, this body isn’t so subtle, and experience that energy.

Fourth, Jessica’s “Self-Portrait” truly depicts her inner self as you may know her. If you ask her to go shopping, she might show up at the grocery appearing just like this. Don’t you wish she would?

Fifth, “Peep Show” is more iconography and ordered knots of life that makes for good design.

Coming up, two of her collages are included in the Artist Member Exhibition at Greater Reston Arts Center. I have been meaning to get to Reston and this is a good opportunity to visit. See the photo with a list of participating artists, and see more about the show below. I want to cover all of the artists in that show.

“2014 Artist Member Exhibition

July 17 – August 23, 2014
Opening Reception: July 17, 2014 6pm – 8pm
Gallery Hours Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 5pm. Free and Open to the public.

Reston, VA: Greater Reston Arts Center is pleased to present the first of what will become a biennial exhibition highlighting the talents of our artist members. Selected by distinguished curator, educator, and artist, Helen Frederick, founder of Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center and Professor of Art at George Mason University, these artists have been brought together on the basis of a compelling and evocative blend of form and content. The exhibition features twenty- eight artists treating a range of themes and working in a variety of media including painting, photography, sculpture and site-specific installation. An opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, July 17, from 6pm – 8pm; all are welcome to attend. GRACE is located in Reston Town Center and is accessible by public transportation. For directions and further information, please visit A full-color exhibition catalog will be available at the gallery.”


GreaterRestonArtsCenter | 12001 Market Street, Suite 103 | Reston, VA 20190 703.471.9242 | |

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