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Jessica Gamboa bear attack: 25-year-old plays dead to survive attack, live video

Jessica Gamboa survived a bear attack recently, and she claims that playing dead is likely the reason she’s still around today to tell the frightening tale. The 25-year-old recently opened up via a live video interview, sharing her harrowing experience from her hospital bed this week. MSN News reveals this Friday, May 30, that Gamboa said she was raised hearing that lying in the fetal position in a hypothetical bear attack could save you, and it seems that old bit of advice quite literally did save her life.

Bear attack suffered by Jessica Gamboa, Alaskan wildlife
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

While travelling around the chilly if picturesque grounds of a military base located in the state of Alaska, the Jessica Gamboa bear attack scare occurred to the 25-year-old Army woman. The wild bear apparently found Gamboa out alone, and using its immense strength, first knocked her down before tossing her hope and throwing her back into the ground.

In her live video interview this week (as seen above and released courtesy of the Army), Gamboa goes on to saw how the animal then continued to attack her, using its strong paws and claws to beat at her. Remembering that wise knowledge from her youth, the 25-year-old woman decided to just play dead, laying silently and unmoving in a fetal position. It seems the bear eventually lost interest in her and no longer deemed her a threat before plodding away.

It was Travelers Today News that shared it was choosing to do this that probably helped her survive the scary bear attack in the wild. While playing dead may not always ensure survival when one finds themselves the target of a scary bear attack, it is an action often recommended when facing such a real and present danger.

"I actually can't even believe this actually really happened," Jessica Gamboa said in a videotaped interview released by the Army on Thursday. "It seems still surreal, just for the fact that I'm still alive — seems unreal."

As provided in the recently taped video interview, the injured but alive woman went on to say that she immediately “surrendered” to the power of the bear before her. The Jessica Gamboa bear attack reportedly occurred not far from the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson military base camp situated in Anchorage, Alaska. It appeared that the bear attacked her, finished the report, when it felt threatened in the presence of its two young cubs.

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