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Jessica Eye weeds out Twitter from her life

According to a Feb. 8 report from Bloody Elbow, hard-hitting UFC star Jessica Eye decided to delete her Twitter account after a Bloody Elbow report came out that her UFC 166 blood test failure was due to marijuana use and not blood thinners.

Eye, 27, went back-and-forth with Bloody Elbow editor Brent Brookhouse, vehemently denying the allegations before ultimately deleting her Twitter account.

It should be noted that Eye did not provide any proof that she took blood-thinning medication and not marijuana before her UFC 166 fight.

However, the test results have not yet been revealed to the public, so at this point fight fans have nothing more to go on than rumors and speculation.

"Lmao …. Just going to smile back and ignore all the BS … Y’all can speculate whatever you want ..As my dad says 'f- these pre Madonna mother …. Do your work in cage' peace out everyone done on twitter," Eye reportedly wrote on Twitter, before canceling her account.

It had previously been reported that Eye's UFC 166 blood test failure was due to a blood-thinning medication that she used because of a car accident she had been in during her teenage years.

Apparently when Eye was 16 years old, she was involved in a car crash with a drunk driver, and the story had it that she had been taking blood-thinning medication due to an issue stemming from that incident.

Bloody Elbow reports that a blood thinner would not turn up in a urine test administered by an athletic commission, so that made Eye's story quite fishy.

The Texas Board of License and Regulations took away Eye's UFC 166 victory over Sarah Kaufman and declared the fight a "No Decision" after it came out that the Ohio native failed a drug test before the fight.

Eye was given a probationary suspension, but she will still be allowed to fight Alexis Davis on Feb. 22 at UFC 170.

Eye told FOX Sports that she denies any wrongdoing.

"If I had done something so seriously wrong does everybody think that the UFC or the Texas commission would be helping me or not fully suspending me? People forget what they already know and they speculate things that don't even make sense just because they want to. I'm really trying to figure this situation out and people want me to say more, but what it really boils down to is like it doesn't matter because I didn't do anything that I shouldn't have done. If anything it's a clerical mistake on my own end and I'm going to work through it and I'm not going to give anybody any extra ammo to sit there and make me feel stupid or be stupid," Eye said.

"I'm a single female, what the hell am I going to do with a PED? I'm trying to get a date one day, I'm trying to get married. Or being a drug addict? People use your brains, use what you know about me already."

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