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Jessica Dutro: Mother on trial for killing young son

Jessica Dutro is on trial for beating her young son to death.
Jessica Dutro is on trial for beating her young son to death.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Video screen cap

Jessica Dutro is on trial for a crime that many would be shocked by. The Oregon mother is on trial for beating her four-year-old son to death. He died in 2012 after spending two days on a vent. On March 28, Hollywood Life reported on the latest details on this tragic crime and the court case involved.

Why did Jessica Dutro allegedly murder her young son? She thought he was gay. The young boy showed signs of homosexuality. Zachary Dutro-Bogges was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his stomach, but doctors soon realized that his injuries were not just visible, according to dBTechno. He has internal damage to his organs. He died only two days after he brought into the hospital.

How was it known that Dutro was behind her young son's death? She admitted to beating him in a Facebook message that she sent to her boyfriend. That man will now testify against her, according to Hollywood Life. However, he was also involved with the crime, and he might be the one responsible for the fatal blow to the young boy's abdomen.

Brian Canady is having his charge downgraded for his testimony. He is now charged with manslaughter for his role in the young boy's death. Dutro's two other children also showed signs of abuse at the time of her arrest. This trial is still on-going in a Washington County Circuit Court.