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Jessica Dutro: Mom allegedly killed her 4-year-old son out of fears he was gay
Jessica Dutro, 25, and boyfriend Brian Canady, 24, beat their 4-year-old son to death because they thought he was gay.

Jessica Dutro’s son Zachary died in 2012 after collapsing at a homeless shelter in Portland where the family was living. Dutro, 25, who is now on trial for murdering her 4-year-old boy, severely thrashed and beat her son to death because she perceived he was gay, prosecutors said.

According to a report from The Associated Press on Friday, as carried on MSN News, Zachary died of blunt force trauma which caused tears in his abdomen, brought about by repeated punches, in conjunction with a “delay in medical treatment.”

Washington County Judge Don Letourneau, who is overseeing the murder trial, has allowed multiple Facebook messages of Dutro’s to be admitted last week to the trial and viewed by jury members. The Washington County jurors read the messages before they were released to the media. carried a number of the messages – shocking in their reveal of complete inhumane treatment of not only Zachary but Dutro’s other children.

Reports the Oregon Live:

In messages to her boyfriend, Jessica Dutro expressed frustration with her young children – a 7-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son – using a number of profanities and calling one "stupid."

Her 7-year-old daughter upset her by falling asleep on top of the laundry the child was supposed to fold, one message said.

“After an hour I go in there and her sweaty (expletive) is sleeping on top of the clothes,” Dutro wrote. “Sleeping is one thing but to plop her dirty (expletive) on the clean clothes and sleep…”

Later, she wrote to Canady that she “gave her lickins,” and all the laundry was done. “Amazing right?” she wrote.

She also wrote of Zachary, telling boyfriend Brian Canady in messages that Zachary was made to “face the wall,” because “He’s going to be gay,” she wrote. “He walks like it and talks like it, ugh.” She was upset at what she perceived to be a homosexual disposition, and told Canady that he needed to “work on” the boy “big time.”

Says the AP report:

The judge ruled additional web searches done by Dutro were also admissible. On Aug. 16, 2012, the day her son's life support was terminated, Dutro searched terms such as anger management and parenting classes, prosecutors said. She also searched listings for free stuff and sex with strangers.

Dutro has been charged with murder, murder by abuse and second-degree assault.

Earlier this month, Canady pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter, and second-degree assault, for his role in Zachary's death. Canady admitted to kicking Zachary in the gut while wearing shoes.

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