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Jessica Alba energizes with Zico coconut water, yogurt and low-carb diet

Jessica Alba's diet tips revealed.
Jessica Alba's diet tips revealed.
Photo by Christopher Polk

For those who say that they have no time for exercise, Jessica Alba has no sympathy. The multi-tasking mother of two, entrepreneur and actress says working out is essential for stress relief and health, reported Self magazine on July 22.

"I've started to work out for stress," said Jessica. "When you're being pulled in so many different directions—and I've done more this year than I have in the last six or seven—it's full-on. If you don't get rid of some extra energy, you can internalize it, and it becomes so unhealthy."

Jessica's trainer Jennifer Johnson, founder of The JJ Dancer Technique, compares Jessica's work ethic to Beyonce's. Both manage to carve out time for work, family and fitness regardless of other pressures.

"You know that saying, 'You have just as many hours in the day as Beyoncé'? It's the same with Jessica. She just uses those hours better, too," said Johnson.

To stay energized, Jessica has turned to coconut water. In addition to sipping it, she uses it in recipes ranging from salad dressing to frozen pops, reported Women's Health magazine.

She's such a fan that she's become the spokeswoman for ZICO® Premium Coconut Water. "Got my workout on - how r u gonna #CrackLifeOpen 2day? @zicococonut #CrackLifeOpen," tweeted Jessica on July 22.

Her low carb diet includes vegetables, fruits, animal protein, eggs and dairy, she told Glamour magazine. A sample breakfast features cottage cheese and a peach.

For lunch, she nibbles on a salad. "Dinner is usually vegetables and chicken or fish." And Jessica's favorite treat: "A chocolate or strawberry frozen yogurt."

And that yogurt just may provide help for lowering Jessica's blood pressure from all that stress. A new study has shown that probiotics present in foods such as yogurt helps with hypertension, reported Time magazine on July 21.

Researchers discovered that people who use probiotics have lower blood pressure. In addition, these healthy bacteria can help prevent obesity and even control blood sugar.

The study focused on probiotics from yogurt. However, for those on dairy-free diets, supplements may also provide help. Researchers plan to investigate further.

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