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Jessica Alba combines CrossFit with low carb diet and coconut water

In an era where most women, including celebrities, dislike what they see in the mirror, Jessica Alba is candid about the results of her CrossFit workouts and low-carb diet. "I have to enhance what I like about my body and my stomach is good," said the actress, reported ABC News on July 3.

Get the skinny on how Jessica Alba stays fit.
Photo by S. Alemdar/Getty Images

"My legs I'm not as excited about all the time, but I wouldn't cover up my stomach. That's what women do. Enhance what we've got," Jessica declared.

Posing flirtatiously for GQ magazine, Jessica feels her regular fitness routine helped her rock her role in the upcoming film "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For," reported Us Weekly on July 3. "There's more of me and I do more than I did in the first one," she said.

In particular, Jessica uses dance to display her character's progress. ""There's more dancing, but the dancing's really connected to the story," she said. "The dances in the movie reflect where she's at."

To stay sleek and slim, Jessica follows a low carb diet and works out with Yumi Lee, co-owner of Reebok CrossFit LAB. In addition to Jessica, Yumi has trained Brad Pitt, Pink, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Richie, Demi Moore, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Julianna Margulies and Sporty Spice of The Spice Girls.

She's not the only celebrity to combine a low carb diet and CrossFit. Tim McGraw lost 40 pounds with a Paleo-style low carb diet and CrossFit.

As for that low carb diet? Jessica's a believer in smoothies and coconut water. The healthy fats and protein satisfy her hunger.

Coconut has been shown to boost weight loss, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz. The saturated fats help your body, including your metabolism, function at peak level. And he agrees that smoothies are an optimal way to kick off your day by providing you with an easy way to get protein into your body quickly.

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