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Jesse Ventura weighs in on VA Scandal

I recently received a soundbite concerning the recent VA scandal in America where Vietnam veteran and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura spoke openly about his opinion: the issues lie with cost-cutting - and both parties are to blame. He explains that "The Veterans Benefits Bill" (S. 1982), proposed by Independent Senator Bernie Sanders earlier this year, would have resolved or at least addressed the widespread problems. The bill was backed by the Democrats, but it never made it out of the Senate, as the Republicans voted against the all encompassing care plan.

"No suits, no censors, no red tape. Just Jesse Ventura as we like him: bold, brazen, and bare knuckled."

He notes that when it comes to long term care and much needed care for our veterans, the government's shortcomings are nothing new.

Check out other notable quotes from Jesse Ventura concerning American's VA Scandal:

"Everybody loves the veterans and service guys until the war's over. And then when the war's over, then it's a whole different tune," says Ventura.

"Look what happened when Bernie Sanders tried to pass that bill - and all the Republicans voted against it because they didn't know where they would get the money. Well, they certainly had the money to go to war. Why didn't they look and understand that when the war's over, they're going to require more money?"

"So to me, the whole VA thing, that's been going on since time began. They always sh*t on the veterans when they're done with the war. What's new?"

Chime in, be sure to leave comments below on what you think about Ventura's comments as well as your personal opinions about American's VA Scandal.

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