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Jesse Ventura and Suze Orman agree on the public demand to Raise Minimum Wage

Financial guru Suze Orman and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura have something in common: they are strong supporters of raising the minimum wage.

"No suits, no censors, no red tape. Just Jesse Ventura as we like him: bold, brazen, and bare knuckled."

Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern, Suze Orman joins Larry King on his show 'PoliticKING' on RT, and she is adamant that when it comes to the minimum wage, the time has come to "increase it, increase it, increase it!"

"If you don't give people a chance to make money, a chance to save money, a chance to get out of debt, a chance to put money away for retirement, that group of people will become dependent on the system and drag it down," she said to Larry King. Watch the quick clip here.

Clearly, the issue of income inequality and the minimum wage is one of the hottest topics around the political water cooler and on a recent episode of his online only show "Off the Grid," on, Jesse Ventura tackled those very issues.

The former governor, mayor, actor, wrestler, bestselling author, and Navy Seal came from humble beginnings. He once worked as a dish washer making minimum wage, similar to Suze Orman, who worked as a waitress until she was thirty.

"I used to work for the minimum wage at a little restaurant in south Minneapolis called Mama Rosa. The job I did washing those dishes was one of the most brutal jobs I've ever had," said Jesse Ventura, who has taken a few punches or even a few chairs to the face during his wrestling career.

During an "Off The Grid" episode titled "Raise the Minimum Wage Already!" Ventura was asked about the demonetization many low income workers have to go through because they are often considered "unskilled" workers who make the bare minimum.

"Minimum wage workers. Somehow they make them seem like what they do has no importance because that's why they're paying the minimum wage or the fact that it's physical labor. What really gets me in the world today is how if you do something that requires great physical labor you get paid less than a person who pushes a pencil around. Why do you get paid less for sweating generally and get paid more for not sweating? Why are these jobs minimum wage? That part of society as a whole gets me. Dick Cheney couldn't dig a ditch; he'd drop dead of a heart attack."

With the very top of the income bracket reaping all the benefits, Venturastated that no full time worker should have to rely on federal subsides to make ends meet.

"I don't care if it's the ditch digger or the biggest financial planner on the planet, if you put in a 40 hour work week, you should be able to live without government subsidies, without food stamps, without welfare, without anything like that. Your wages should be high enough to accomplish that."

Republicans often talk about increased spending being the cause of a bad economy and government regulations forcing a company to pay its workers a living wage. The former Mama Rosa's dishwasher had something to say about that as well.

"Lets go to where the problem really is. It's not the low wage worker, it's the CEO who has to get the $500 million bonus at the end of the year. Pay the workers!" said Ventura. "Every time they raised the minimum wage the economy gets a boost. These people are buying, they aren't investing in the stock market. They're buying essential things they need from a day to day basis."

Suze Orman agrees, stating she is in favor of a national increase, which will lift Americans out of poverty so they are not stuck on the government handout list. She does admit that most companies "don't want to affect their bottom line earnings," so they will "pass the extra $2 to $3 wage increase onto the consumer." A strong conservative when it comes to spending and investing money, Orman commented that this increase might encourage consumers to stop making frivolous, unnecessary purchases, "stop spending money that they don't have," and start making smarter decisions for their future.

To watch the "Off the Grid" episode "Raise the Minimum Wage Already!" click here. Also be sure to check out the attached video that explains why, "raising minimum wage would give the economy a big boost.'

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