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Jesse Ventura says Keystone pipeline creates only 35 jobs

 "Off The Grid" with Jesse Ventura launched in January 2014.
"Off The Grid" with Jesse Ventura launched in January 2014.

Last week on Facebook, Jesse Ventura took on the Keystone Pipeline: "For all those who disagree with Greg Palast who said the Keystone Pipeline won't bring more jobs - listen up: you are officially brainwashed by the Koch Brothers propaganda. #KeystonePipeline creates only 3,900 temporary jobs & 35 permanent jobs after construction."

Where'd he get his numbers from and are they actually true? According to here, he's 100% correct.

Greg Palast, quite possibly the first "off the grid" investigative journalist, joined Jesse Ventura on his online-only show "Off The Grid" for a two part series about oil, BP, the Keystone Pipeline, and the Koch Brothers. See Part 1 here.

On "Off The Grid" Greg Palast explains he "had to leave the country to report about it."

Palast not only blows the whistle on Big Oil, but also uncovers the dirty secrets behind our government's hush-hush dealings in the auto industry, the military industrial complex, and voter fraud.

He also takes on a long list of Poll-Cats, including Obama, Romney, the Bush monarchy, and even US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.

Jesse Ventura stated that when he governed Minnesota, he "put commissioners in areas where they had expertise. How can you make Dick Cheney the head of the Department of Defense when he ran and hid?" The former governor has also covered Dick Cheney's five war deferments on other "Off The Grid" episodes, referring to him often as a chickenhawk.

"He's a guy who has no idea what war is," said Palast. He then explained that when it comes to the way the White House operates,"you never send someone who knows something about it" unless that person is exceptionally corrupt -- which he says is the case for Penny Pritzker, the current Secretary of Commerce, appointed by Obama.

According to Palast's research, Pritzker ran an illegal banking operation in Chicago and was fined $400 million, which is a small sum, considering she is worth "3 billion dollars," and she was "barred by law from working in finance" again. Yet, she wound up as the Secretary of Commerce by raising "over 2 billion" for Obama to run for Senate, then for President.

Jesse Ventura explained that although he always considered himself a statesman -- someone who serves in office, then goes back to the private sector, instead of being a career politician -- the real reason why he left the governor's office after one term is "I needed a shower" after dealing with the Democrats and Republicans for four years.

To watch Part 2 of Greg Palast's interview click here.

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