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Jesse Ventura on Hobby Lobby ruling: Stop forcing beliefs on other Americans

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby in regards to employers proving health care that includes contraception, the reception equaled a pure partisan reaction.

Jesse Ventura on the Supreme Court
Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

The result of the ruling was a 5-4 decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, with all five conservative justices on the bench ruling that the Affordable Care Act was in violation of the business' religious freedom. The ruling was a striking blow to the Obama administration and the women who were hoping to have their contraception covered through employer health care. One man who seems to be sick and tired of the Supreme Court in general is former governor of Minnesota and current host of "Off the Grid," Jesse Ventura.

"It seems flawed that justices seem to be picked according to political flavor. You have conservatives justices and liberal justices. I think the Supreme Court is now at the same level as the Congress is."

In response to the Hobby Lobby case, Ventura believes that it's just a bridge too far when it comes to religious freedom and just an attempt to force a certain belief onto other people.

"This is simply the protection of religion again to gain its foothold in our state houses and to inflict their beliefs on people like me that don't want to believe what they believe. You listening to me out there? I don't want to believe what you believe and you can't make me. And you never will. Enough of this. You have your religion, you're free to practice it, but stop bringing it into the state house and trying to pass federal laws that protect you. When the churches start paying taxes, then the church can have a say so."

Never one to hold back, Ventura echoed what many Americans were thinking when the ruling was announced. The United States does allow for the freedom of religion, but as the Supreme Court decision shows, the country is shifting in a direction that is not so cut and dry.

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