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Jesse Ventura: Just let it go and do likewise

What would a world be like without Jesse Ventura in it? That's the question foremost on my mind after witnessing his latest stab at relevancy. And for this one he's certainly upped the ante, banking on Lee Harvey Oswald's (alleged) former love interest to garner him even more unwarranted attention.

A renowned conspiracy theorist, Ventura is backing the shoulders of Lee Harvey Oswald's former girlfriend, author Judyth Baker, in asserting that Lee Harvey Oswald was the scapegoat in our government's 'cover up' of JFK's assassination.

"My goal is to exonerate Lee Oswald, and also to get justice for John Kennedy," said Baker, who says she has proof in her forthcoming book that Oswald didn't assassinate Kennedy. I'm willing to suggest she has another goal in mind: That's right, book royalties! And what better way to get them than to align herself with America's foremost conspiracy theorist.

Baker and Ventura say the government is withholding documents that would reveal the purported truth about the assassination.

"If the government were telling the truth, there would be no reason to lock up anything from the people of this country. Clearly they are not, because here we are 50 years later, and they are still withholding documents from us," said Ventura.

For the record, it's unclear just who Ventura was referring to as us: Everyone alive during the assassination or those that continue to give a damn because, like he said, 1963 was a loooong long time ago and most people are willing to let proverbial sleeping dogs lie.


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