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Jesse Ventura: I question the sanity of anyone who watches Fox News

Gov. Jesse Ventura
Gov. Jesse Ventura

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura has a few words for Fox News and their views, and he's not being kind. The governor just doesn't appear to have patience anymore for the top rated cable news station in the United States.

Is he a deserter or a hero? Maybe it's something in between? These questions have surrounded Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, who was released earlier this year after spending five years in captivity of the Taliban. President Obama made the call to arrange a swap of five Taliban prisoners who were being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, in exchange for the POW Bergdahl who was finally released on May 31, 2014. Reports have stated that when Bergdahl went missing, he had actually abandoned his post, putting fellow soldiers in jeopardy in the process. After this information leaked, the situation quickly became political. Republicans jumped on President Obama, accusing him of negotiating with terrorists and and giving up too much for an alleged "traitor" and "deserter." The Obama administration quickly defended their actions, stating that the United States leaves no solider behind.

The number one anti-Bergdahl voice was the right-wing safe haven, Fox News. Known for their constant attacks on the Obama administration, Fox News framed the story as one of a weak commander in chief in another attempt to slander President Obama. On his podcast "We the People with Jesse Ventura," released each Thursday, host Jesse Ventura came clean with his thoughts on Fox News and the people who rely on them for a "fair and balanced" approach to the news.

"Anyone that gives Fox News any shred of credibility is ridiculous. When I'm out in the world and I hear people tell me that they watch Fox News, right away I question that person's sanity to myself. That person can't be of solid mind because no one of solid mind will watch Fox News and take it seriously."

Fox News promotes their brand as one that delivers "fair and balanced" news coverage, but time and time again, show themselves to be a major branch of the right wing media. Jesse Ventura has had his run ins with Fox News over the years, from heated debates with Sean Hannity, to making Brian Kilmeade leave the Fox and Friends news set after questioning the 9/11 terrorist attacks.