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Jesse Kinch on ABC's 'Rising Star' is a star in the making

Jesse Kinch performs "Seven Nation Army" on ABC's "Rising Star."
Jesse Kinch performs "Seven Nation Army" on ABC's "Rising Star."
Chase Hunt/ABC

If you haven't been watching ABC's "Rising Star" airing Sundays at 9 p.m. EST you're missing out on some interactive fun! The show is of course another singing competition but with a twist. Each week, viewers can use the mobile app to check in and vote yes or no for the contestants and results happen live each week so there's no waiting like the other competitions. The show is hosted by Josh Groban while Brad Paisley, Kesha and Ludacris weigh in their opinions.

Last night, 20 year old Jesse Kinch from New York took the stage and when he began singing "Seven Nation Army" it was like magic. The show has found some good voices but Kinch looks like he's in it to win it. With strong rock vocals, he blazed through the song lifting the judges and the crowd on their feet. Finishing with an 88%, only needing 40% to remain in the top 7 for next week, the crowd roared with excitement while Kesha and Brad couldn't contain themselves.

Brad joked about being a really fan and asking Jesse to sign his guitar. Kesha, like the previous performances, was stunned. She couldn't even come up with words to critique the rocking performance. "I can't, I won't," the glittery popstar said as she melted into her chair.

With only seven contestants, Kinch stands out as the one to beat. He graces that stage like he was meant to be there. Soft spoken and seemingly shy, when he gets with the music his voice soars to new heights and he's captivating, a true musician with a passion for music--much like the four superstars on the show.

Jesse is the type of guy Kesha in particular loves. The classic rock music that he vears to is gritty and powerful. In a previous performance he sang "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers and by the end of it, Kesha said "Good lord I think I am dying!"

The reality shows have become more or less merely TV entertainment through the years instead of a serious game, but once and a while a true talent emerges and it's what they do with that 15 minutes that makes or breaks them. It's imperative for them to take that time and run with it, even if they don't win. Past examples would be that of Jennifer Hudson or Chris Daughtry, both from "American Idol," neither winning the show but going on to have massive careers.

With a presence and talent like Jesse Kinch, he's bound to go far with his career with or without "Rising Star."

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