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Jesse James' mistresses: and then there were 3


AP Photo/Matt Sayles

While Tiger Woods' list of mistresses is inching it's way to twenty, Jesse James has just hit #3: Brigitte Daguerre.

The photographer from LA claims she had an affair with James, and has nearly 200 text messages to back up her story. The two met back in 2008 when Bullock's husband hired her for a photo shoot for West Coast Choppers. For a year afterwards, the two kept in touch via text messages and emailing. Most of the texts were graphic and racy, and James repeatedly asked for Daguerre to send him pictures.

Melissa Smith, Mistress #2, says she met the former "Celebrity Apprentice" star on Myspace in 2006. According to the exotic dancer, the affair lasted two years. James refrained from wearing his wedding ring, and was referred to as the "Vanilla Gorilla."

Sound familiar?

That's because this isn't the first person to mention the nickname. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, Mistress #1, mentioned the moniker last week after news broke of her 11-month affair with James. The tattoo model from San Diego is also a stripper.

Hey Jesse, Tiger Woods just called - he said thanks for moving the spotlight away from him for a little while.


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